My book is published!

You might have noticed that i havent updated my blog in a while. There are two (happy) reasons for that:

1) My son was born about two weeks ago and as you might have guessed, things are hectic (but happy) 🙂

2) The book i’ve been working on for the last 9 months for Packt Publishing is finally released!

Since im sure you are not here to hear about my new born son, let’s talk about the book 🙂

A few months ago i was approached by Packt Publishing to check if a preperation guide for the Silverlight 4 MCTS exam can be written. A short while after that work has started.

9 months later im proud to announce that the book is published and can be purchesed as a physical book, kindle or PDF/Epub from Amazon or straight from Packt Publishing web site.

And what is this book all about you might ask?

The book is a hands-on certification guide with practical examples and Q&As to help .NET developers prepare for and pass the (70-506): TS: Microsoft Silverlight 4 Development exam.

The book deals with all of the subjects the MCTS exam requires and use a handful of tutorials to help the reader learn and put to practical use the topics discussed.

The book’s table of contents is as follows:

Chapter 1: Overview of Silverlight
Chapter 2: Laying out Our User Interface
Chapter 3: Enhancing the User Interface
Chapter 4: Implementing Application Logic
Chapter 5: Working with Data
Chapter 6: Interacting with the Host Platform
Chapter 7: Structuring Applications
Chapter 8: Deploying Applications

I would like to use this stage and thank everyone at Packt Publishing for publishing this book, and a special thanks to my editors Vishal Bodwani and Kerry Geroge. Without you two this book would never have been a reality!