Materials From My MVVM using Knockout.js Session at E4D Expert Days Conference

Yesterday i gave my second session at E4D’s Expert Days conference, Single Page Applications fundamentals using Knockout.js.


The session dealt with the aspects of creating a SPA, the ins and outs of using Knockout.js, how to use Require.js for dependency injections, using HTML5 offline storage and we finished up with a small but cute overview of Underscore.js, the swiss army knife of JavaScript utility functions.

I would like to thank everyone who joined me on this exciting session and i’m looking forward to seeing some of you tomorrow.

If you would like to take another look at the session’s presentation – click here

To download the code samples – click here

To learn more about JavaScript the language check out my previous presentation on the subject – here

Materials From My SharePoint 2013 Session at E4D Expert Days Conference

Today was the first day of the annual E4D Solutions Expert Days conference. My first session at the conference was about SharePoint 2013, Microsoft biggest evolution to the SharePoint platform to date.


The session dealt with many of the new aspects of SharePoint development. We started the session with an overview of SharePoint 2013 and then deep dived into the MDS (Minimal Download Strategy), Remote Event Receivers, the awesome new feature of Client-side Item Rendering and finished off with the new array of RESTFul OData services and the new and improved CSOM (Client Side Object Model) (and a few words about Apps of course).

Since SharePoint development model is changing toward the client side, i also did a quick introduction to Knockout – a JavaScript MVVM framework, and a personal favorite of mine.

During the rest of the week ill host two more sessions – SPA Applications with Knockout (on Tuesday 25/12/2012) and SignalR & NodeJS Development (on Thursday 27/12/12).

If you would like to take another look at today’s presentation on SharePoint 2013 – click here

To download the code samples – click here

For my presentation about Knockout and jsRender – click here


Materials from my JavaScript session

Yesterday i gave the second session of E4D Solutions’s new client side development course over at E4D’s offices (You can find the presentation of the first session – What can html5 actually do?right here).

Last night’s session was all about JavaScript, starting from basics such as types and functions and all the way up to advanced topics such as design patterns and dependency injection using require.js.

I would like to thank everyone who joined me last night, and even though it wasn’t an easy session, i hope you enjoyed it and left the classroom last night armed with new and exciting knowledge about JavaScript.

If you like to take another look at my presentation about JavaScript head over to

See you next week when we discuss Web.API and how it can help us build better client side applications!