Materials from my Knockout.js and JSRender session

Yesterday i gave my next session at E4D Solutions’s new client side development course over at E4D’s offices (You can find the presentation of the first session – What can html5 actually do? – right here, the second session – JavaScript the languageright here and the third session – Bootstrap, tips and other animalsright here).

Last night’s session was all about Knockout.JS and jsRender. Knockout.JS is an MVVM (model,view,view-model) framework for JavaScript which, in my humble opinion, is an essential tool in today’s JavaScript development world. jsRender, on the other hand, is an awesome templating engine for JavaScript which is both powerful and easy to use.

I would like to thank everyone who joined me last night and took some time off their busy schedule. I hope you enjoyed the session and the hands-on labs and i can already sense some of you putting Knockout to use in your next projects 🙂

If you like to take another look at my presentation about JavaScript head over to

See you next week when we discuss real time communication with SignalR and how it can help us build better client side applications!

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